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      Textbook Buyback

WCU Bookstore Buyback
is always the week of finals during Spring and Fall semesters.

Buyback for Programs at Biltmore Park usually occurs on the last Thursday of Spring and Fall semesters from 4:30-6:30 pm @ Biltmore Park Campus, 28 Schenck Parkway.

If the professor has decided to use the book the following semester, we will pay 50% of the new book price until we have reached our limit. Once we reach our limit or if the book is no longer being used, we will pay, if there is any value, a national wholesale price based on edition, and popularity of the book nationwide.

Items NOT included in buyback:
  • Study Guides
  • Lab Manuals
  • Old Editions
  • Complimentary Copies
  • Customized Class Packets
  • Books with Perforated Pages
Other factors that are important to the value of selling textbooks:
  • Condition of the book
  • If it is a current edition that is still in use
  • If it is being used in the following semester