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      About the Store
The role of the Bookstore is to provide necessary books, supplies, and other merchandise to students, faculty, and staff as efficiently and economically as possible.

The WCU Bookstore's earnings go solely to student scholarships. Over the years, your Bookstore has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the scholarship program of Western Carolina University. Your support of the Bookstore makes an important contribution to the academic mission of the University - you are helping to put a student through school; perhaps even helping yourself.

The Bookstore includes the Book Rental Department for undergraduates at Western Carolina University. The Book Rental Department provides the main texts for undergraduate courses at a low rental price, and gives the students the option of purchasing textbooks if desired.

The WCU Bookstore provides textbooks and course materials for WCU Programs at Biltmore Park. The WCU Bookstore also provides textbooks and supplies for Outreach courses and Continuing Education programs. The WCU Bookstore reports directly to Auxiliary Services, part of the Administration and Finance Division. The WCU Bookstore's mission is to support the instructional mission of the University by supplying textbooks and instructional material, supplying student needs for incidentals, memorabilia, and reading matter. To conduct its operation in a cost efficient manner that results in fair pricing while providing earnings to support student financial aid.