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Textbook Rentals

Book Rental Line

Where do you get your textbooks?

The rental department is located inside the WCU Bookstore. If you are coming in the main entrance of campus, take the roundabout to the left. Continue on this road until the main road curves to the right at the top of the hill. The building on the right is the bookstore. Once inside the building, you will head to the right, back corner to get to book rental.

How to rent your books:

  1. Register for classes and get your Cat Card (which is your student ID). All students must have tuition paid and have a valid Cat Card to rent books (or know your 920# and have a picture ID). (Cat Cards are available on the first floor of the Killian Annex, also known as One-Stop)
  2. Come to the bookstore and get in the book rental line.
  3. You will need to give your Cat Card to an individual sitting at the computers. Someone will scan it, which prints out a card with your schedule & required rental textbooks on it.
  4. Take the card into book rental. A book runner will get all of your books for you. Find the correct line by looking up at the letters hanging from the ceiling; choose the one that has the first letter of your last name.
  5. You will need to read, date, and sign the rental agreement card. Examine all of your books and make sure any damages are documented, so you will not be charged for it when you return them. It’s that simple!

Lost Books

If your textbooks are lost or stolen, we can issue a replacement. You are still responsible for both copies and liable for the replacement costs.


Textbook(s) provided by the WCU Bookstore Rental Department are rental books and belong to us. Rental books must be returned no later than five working days after the last day of final exams each term. Unreturned books will be charged to your student account at replacement cost. Books returned after this five-day period will be credited to your student account at ½ the charged amount.

Grossly mistreated books must be purchased. This damage can include, but is not limited to: writing, highlighting, missing cover, missing pages, and water damage.


  • You must bring your Cat Card to rent books OR know your 920# & have picture ID.
  • You do not need your Cat Card to return your books.
  • You can rent and return books all semester.
  • If you drop a class you need to return your books as soon as possible.
  • You must be enrolled in a class to pick up a book for that class.

Your Book Rental Account

See the books you have/had checked out of WCU Book Rental:

Check your WCU Book Rental Account